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deerBLNproject • a growing group show

Press Release:
Founded by Berlin artist Christian Rothenhagen (a.k.a. deerBLN) in 2006, the
deerBLNproject has a simple, clean yet engaging concept:
By personal invitation from Christian, artists are asked to submit an artpiece that adheres to only two rules:
the first is that it has to relate to the topic „deer“.
the second, it has to be a specific, set size of 30 x 30cm (about 12 x 12 inches).
Any medium – such as painting, drawing, collage, ... , assemblage, photography etc. is possible. It only has to be easily shipable.
With every new artist, another point of view is added to the ongoing project, and C. Rothenhagen likes to stress that the artwork does not necessarily have to feature a deer itself – to him, it is more about the things the artist associates with the topic, and the variations that inevitably occur: it is all about different perspectives.
The deerBLNproject is a constantly growing, travelling exhibition that has already been exhibited at

STRYCHNIN / Berlin (No. 4)
KAB / Europe / Bordeaux (No.5)

currently featuring more than 100 artists from 15 countries .
Exhibition No. 5 brought the show to the KEEP-A-BREAST Europe Gallery / Bordeaux / France five years after it’s launch.

Any artworks sold continues to be viewable as a print to retain a complete exhibition.
Artists whose work is sold are then invited to create a new piece – as of yet, there is no end in sight and the project continues to grow and develop...
Since it is a non-profit-network-show shipping is always a little issue.
So support is always welcome!

If you need any further information, if you'd like to buy a t-shirt or some button set or if you just want to support the project please send an email to:

ARTIST LIST:( particular order)

01. Amber Cameron (Melbourne/Australia)
02. Anni Fittkau/Crashcarcity (Berlin/Germany)
03. Artoo (Berlin/Germany)
04. Baptiste Duseaux (Le Havre/France)
05. Bays23 (Berlin/Germany)
06. Birdbirder/Rob Miller (Munich/Germany, NYC/USA)
07. Carole Bielicki (Bordeaux/France)
08. Chrisitee (Vienna/Austria)
09. deerBLN (Berlin/Germany)
10. Desiree Dawn Kuhn (New York City/USA)
11. Etienne Lafrance (Montreal/Canada)
12. Evol (Berlin/Germany)
13. Exist 1981 (San Diego, USA)
14. From Paris to Berlin (Paris/France, Berlin/Germany)
15. Jeff Black/Blackass (Oceanside/USA)
16. JenPROPS Larkin (NYC/USA)
17. JukeBOY (Berlin/Germany)
18. Hanna Enefjord (Stockholm/Sweden)
19. Kamila Kowalczyk (Los Angeles/USA, Berlin/Germany)
20. Wolfgang Reimers/KAISERBRAND (Berlin/Germany)
21. Käthe Schötteldreier (Berlin/Germany)
22. Kevin Buy (Grenoble/France)
23. Tinta Jenseits (Berlin/Germnay)
24. Lisa Max (Vienna/Austria)
25. Ludek Pesek Pachl (Berlin/Germany, Prague/Cech Rep.)
26. Maria Rigol Alzola (Barcelona/Catalonia)
27. Martin Kuchar/Kook (Berlin/Germnay, Prague/Cech Rep.)
28. Mephski (Berlin/Germany)
29. Noomi (Stockholm/Sweden, Berlin/Germany)
30. Oli Klobes (Cologne/Germany)
31. Peter Mühlfriedel/Skop (Berlin/Germany)
32. Pierre Devos/Ninejahz (Paris/France, Berlin/Germany)
33. Pisa73 (Berlin/Germany)
34. Rita Lackner (Bayreuth, Berlin/Germany)
35. Sascha Minde (Berlin/Germany)

36. Samuel Schulze (Berlin/Germany)
37. Sarah Hayward (Vancouver/Canada)
38. Shaney Jo Darden (Oceanside/USA)
39. Stephan Berger (Berlin/Germany)
40. Stephane Getas/Spig (Bordeaux/France)
41. Sibylle Fratzke (Berlin/Germany)
42. Undenk/Herb (Midland/Australia)
43. Undenk/Paul (Cologne/Germany)
44. Undenk/Russell (London/United Kingdom)
45. Vanina Goldhofer (Berlin/Germany)
46. TheOysterPirates Collaborative Workshop
(San Francisco,S
alt Lake City/USA, Berlin/Germany)
47. Shawn Webber (San Francisco/USA)
48. Sara Diciero (Buenos Aires/Argentina)
49. Snoops (Berlin/Germany)
50. Ingmar Hendrix (Berlin/Germany)
51. Nychos/Rabbiteyemovement (Vienna/Austria)
52. Tika (Zürich/Ch)
53. Molly Stenzel (San Francisco/USA, Berlin/Germany)
54. Ulrike Stolte (Berlin/Germany)
55. Shilo Jackson (Salt Lake City/USA)
56. EL Lasso/Bande / Rabbiteyemovement (Vienna/Austria)
57. Die Made (Vienna/Austria)
58. M. Reinmuth (Leipzig/Germany)
59. Julie Kaye (Leeds/United Kingdom)
60. Sonia Garcia Moreno (Berlin/Germany)
61. NKDM (Grenoble/France)
62. HLG von Kraanium (Gothenburg/S
63. Andrew Greif (Baltimore/USA, Berlin/Germany)
64. Joel Meija (San Francisco/USA)

65. Auto 64 (Sydney/Australia, Berlin/Germany)
66. Simona Janisova (Bratislava/Slov. Rep.)
67. Sara Rosenbaum (Berlin/Germany
68. Chris Dyer (Peru, Mo
69. Anne Lueck (Berlin/Germany)
70. Mélanie Elbaz (Paris/France)

71. Ciah Ciah (Wroclaw/Poland)
72. B2302/Simon Becker (Berlin/Germany)
73. Undenk/Lukas (Berlin/Germany)
74. Undenk/Matz (Berlin/Germany)
75. Alex Renken (Cologne/Germany)
76. Betsy FinkelHoo (San Diego/USA)
77. Barbara Wüllenweber (Bonn/Germany)

78. Mimi S. (Berlin/Germany)

79. Hookepuk, Rick Tonizzo (Vienna/Austria)
80. Brandon Lomax (Oceanside/California/USA)
81. Miraschi / Miranda Schildermans (Belgium)
82. Raf Veulemans (Belgium)
83. Shirley Wiebe (Vancouver/Canada)
84. Aghapios (Frankfurt/Germany)
85. Ansgar Noeth (Würzburg/Germany)
86. Monica Ani/ZOE (San Francisco/California,USA)
87. Benny Golm (Berlin/Germany)
88. Davina Pallone (Salt Lake City/Utah/USA)
89. Sebastian Otto (Hannover/Germany)
90. Matt Pugh (San Francisco/California,USA)
91. David Irvine (Brampton, GTO, Canada)
92. Joel Apple AKIN collective (Toronto/Ontario, Canada)
93. Lily Mae Martin (Melbourne, Australia/Berlin)
94. Anton Benois (Australia/Berlin)
95. Juliana Neufeld, AKIN collective (Toronto/Ontario, Canada)
96. Hilary Slater, AKIN collective (Toronto/Ontario, Canada)
97. Oliver Pauk, AKIN collective (Toronto/Ontario, Canada)
98. Billy Mavreas, (Montreal/Quebec, Canada)
99. Michael Vickers, AKIN collective (Toronto/Ontario, Canada)
100. Shizu Yamaguchi, AKIN collective (Toronto/Ontario, Canada)

101. Kazmonavt, (Berlin/Germany)...

Every purchase supports the show. Thanks!
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"deerBLNproject part 05"
October 8 - November 16, 2011.
at the Keep A Breast / Europe
Gallery in Bordeaux / France.

"deerBLNproject part 04"
March 12 - April 6, 2010.
at the VAULT / STRYCHNIN gallery Berlin (
For more pics see my Myspace gallery:
deerBLNproject 04

deerBLNproject part 03February 14 - April 11, 2009
for some more opening pics see my Myspace gallery:
deerBLNproject part 03

deerBLNproject part 02

took place in Austria - at VIENNAs "INOPERABle" Gallery ( September 04 - October 01 2008

For more pictures of the Vienna-show see my Myspace gallery:

roject 01
BERLIN - April 11 - May 9 2008 at SUPERPLAN gallery Berlin (


TATORT KULTUR , short Interview at German TV-STATION ZDF-Online.

AND HERE are some more and very NICE PICS FROM THE BERLIN SHOW OPENING at Superplan:


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